Great web copies can sell!

Write effective web copies Now!

We follow some simple rules to make your Global Copywriting and Content Creation job effective.

  • Write for your customers, not yourself!
  • Making your text Easy to read. Use skills in keywords, paragraphs, short texts, etc.
  • Use Links in the right places.
  • Straight to the point and be objective.
  • Use the Active Voice.
  • Use Easy to understand words or Phrases.
  • Search Engine Friendly.

Multilingual & Cross-Cultural: From Global to Local

  • Work with the global team of local professionals.
  • Cover Most popular languages in the world.
  • The Local Pros Do it the Local Way.
  • Understand your business as well as the target audience.

5-Step copywriting work flow

  • Understand your business and get the key points to the target audience.
  • Investigate to collect materials from various sources. Find out what your customers and competitors are looking for.
  • Write a draft version with proper tone of voice.
  • Review by senior editors to ensure the text satisfy the needs.
  • Improve by testing with focus group and optimize.

What do we work on?

  • Website content
  • Blogging
  • email marketing templates
  • Press release
  • PPC ad unit text
  • Sales copy, Sales Letter
  • Brochure & white paper;
  • Newsletters

Website Localization

We can see so many poorly localized global websites, especially in the view of the target audience.

Lingo5 website localization is much more complicated than a simple document translation.

A successful website localization is step one of your global marketing strategy.


Why Lingo5 Copywriting and Content Creation

  • Creative, Well-Balanced Team of business consultants, creative designers, language talents, online marketing gurus, and technical geeks.
  • Business oriented with strong knowledge and expertise in many industries.
  • Successful marketing experience in a global scale.
  • Customize the solution to the client’s specific needs.
  • Understand your business as well as the target audience.
  • The Local Pros Do it the Local Way.