Do you know where your customers are

Do you know where your customers really are?

I’d talked with many business owers, and it’s interesting that many organizations actually do not understand where their customers are located.

Finding the right audience segments is the key to your successful business.

This is the first step of any marketing activities. Let’s see how we can make this job easier.

Business vs Consumers

The consuming behaviors are very different between business clients and individual consumers.

Companies usually spend more money, aim for long-term relationships and have a higher contract value, while individual consumers are unpredictable and their order amount is instable.

However, there is a trend that individual consumers are more and more important in many industries than before.


Profile your customer

Finding the correct niche market is

Do you know where your customers are

Lingo5: Do you know where your customers are

Determine specific attributes of your clients to help you understand them. Here are some criteria you could use. Be creative and choose which is important for your business:

  • Demographic

– Gender (male or female)

– Age

– Profession

– Education

– Household income

  • Geology

– Language

– Country

– State, City

For Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing in the global market, Lingo5 Online Marketing provides an easy way to identify the markets by languages and coutries. This is an easy and  effecitve way to start your global online marketing.

  • Psychographic

– Political attitude

– Religion

– Hobbies/Interests

– Expectations

– Consuming behaviour

These attributes are very useful, you need to spend time to talk to your potential customers, collect data, prioritize the attributes and categorize them to find the best results.

From these initial research, you can identify the customer profiles.


Be where your customers are and talk to them

Now we can start checking out the tracks of your customers and follow them.

Find opportunities to talk to them in a comfortable way.

You will find it much easier when the customers think you are investing time with them from your bottom of the heart.

Change with your customers

Lifestyles is changing all the time and people is changing.

Follow the latest trend and change with your customers.


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