Optimize your email marketing strategy to Increases the ROI of the email campaigns Creative Newsletter / Email Templates

Our designs regularly result in high click-through rates thanks to clear messaging, strong calls-to-action, and fast load times.

How We Do Global / Local Email Marketing

Utilize email to accomplish your objectives and increase your ROI.

  • Understand Your Target Audience: Understand your email recipients and their culture, habits and needs.
  • Understand Goals of Email Campaign: Identify a clear strategy and call for actions from your clients to satisfy your objective.
  • Manage Your Leads: Analyze your leads and manage them to target the right people for specific Email campaigns.
  • Write for your customer: Use appropriate subject for higher open rate, and use result driven skills to deliver the message.
  • Design Your Email/Newsletter to the Point: Design your emails/newsletter to deliver the correct message to the recipients and call for actions from your audience.
  • Optimize the Landing Page: Optimize the landing page to meet the expectations of your customers and convert the traffic to your goal.
  • Monitor and Improve: Monitor the performance of the email campaigns and improve the effects from time to time.

Why Lingo5

  • Creative, Well Balanced Team of business consultants, creative designers, language talents, online marketing gurus, and technical geeks.
  • Business oriented with strong knowledge and expertise in many industries.
  • Successful marketing experience in a global scale.
  • Customize the solution to the client’s specific needs and objectives for each case.
  • Understand your business as well as the target audience.
  • The Local Pros Do it the Local Way.