Global Market Research, Understand Your Business and Challenges

Global Market Research , and Global Business Consulting through Lingo5 global team of local pros, is an effective solution before entering into a new market.

You may be in different stages in a new local market.

  • research the local business environment.
  • entering the local market.
  • establish and grow your business in the local market.

Local business consultants help you through Challenges

  • Cultural
  • Political
  • Legal

What We Do — Gobal Market Research and Business Consulting

  • Global Market Research & Assessment
  • Global Market Research & Analysis
  • Global Consumer / Customer Surveys
  • Global Competitive Intelligence/Analysis
  • Global Regulatory Environment Analysis
  • Global Partner Search & Due Diligence
  • Global Entry Strategy Consulting
  • Location Analysis


Why Lingo5 Gobal Market Research?

  • Creative, Well Balanced Team of business consultants, creative designers, language talents, online marketing gurus, and technical geeks.
  • Business oriented with strong knowledge and expertise in many industries.
  • Successful marketing experience in a global scale.
  • Customize the solution to the client’s specific needs and objectives for each case.
  • Understand your business as well as the target audience.
  • The Local Pros Do it the Local Way.