More Languages, More Markets–Step by Step Global Localization Strategy for Global SME

The World Is Not English Only

Think again if you think you only need English website for your business.

You can find Popular Languages in Each Country of the World, more languages are widely used instead of English only.

Most consumers prefer buying things in their own native language, even though many people can speak English, they will do this as well since English is their second or third language. Continue reading

Why Starting Your Business Blogging From Day One?

Blogging: A Good Source of Quality Content

In the future, almost every business will be online, and there will be no pure internet company

Content is always the king in the online world, and blogging is a very good way to for quality content.

A lot of companies nowadays are investing time and money into business blogging these days.

However some people are still reluctant and have no direction on this.

Our advice is: Start Your Business Blogging from Day One.

I have a long list of powerful reasons why you should do so.

Why Starting Your Business Blogging From Day One?

Why Starting Your Business Blogging From Day One?

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Do you know where your customers are

Do you know where your customers really are?

I’d talked with many business owers, and it’s interesting that many organizations actually do not understand where their customers are located.

Finding the right audience segments is the key to your successful business.

This is the first step of any marketing activities. Let’s see how we can make this job easier. Continue reading